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IT Contractors


Hays is a leading expert in the brokerage of independent contractor services for client projects. Our contractors offer their expertise on the basis of a number of contract forms, including freelance contractor, highly skilled migrant, consultancy employee or, where desired, as a Hays employee seconded to your organisation. But whatever the arrangement, the foundations of our contractor services are always swift deployability, solid expertise and flexibility.

Hays forms a key link between its clients and contractors. We have an excellent international network at our disposal and are happy to advise you on your options.

Contracting via Hays: The advantages for you as a client.

By hiring an experienced independent contractor, you can ensure that a key project is rounded off successfully and/or that a critical position within your organisation is temporarily filled without the need to enter into a long-term commitment. Within each project, you can maintain maximum flexibility with regard to the contract term, the allocated budget and the level and nature of the utilised expertise.  


Attractive contract form
Our contractors work on a project basis for a predetermined length of time. Hays will handle the settlement of all contractual details with the candidate in question. 


Time and cost savings
In addition to handling the recruitment and selection of your contractor, Hays will also take care of the relevant paperwork and all financial details relating to the contracted services.


Access to the Hays network
Hays has developed an extensive nationwide network of experts working in every imaginable field, most of whom are available on demand. We are at home in your sector and are able to take decisive action on short notice. We also have access to the biggest pool for IT Freelancers.


Thanks to our knowledge of the interim recruitment market and our daily contacts with an extensive nationwide network, the Hays recruiting experts are well-positioned to determine competitive hourly rates for the provided services. 


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