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The Hays Global Skills Index offers a comprehensive overview of the global labour market and offers insights into the challenges organisations face while searching for the most skilled talent. It provides insight into 34 different markets and their economic and employment status, based on Hays experts worldwide. The following key drivers are focused on the Danish Skills Index, which reflects its low unemployment rate and improving economy. This leads to an increasing mismatch between the avalible skills, and the skills demanded by organisations.




Education Flexibility

With a score of 5.2, the share of graduates as a percentage of the population has increased in Denmark, boosting the supply of skilled labour.


Labour Market Participation

The participation rate is forecasted to be lower this year, compared to the last year. With a score of 4.5, this means a limited rate of expansion of the skilled labour force.


Talent Mismatch

The high score of 9.5 indicates that employers are finding it more difficult to fill roles with suitable workers interms of skills. The rate of unfilled vacancies and long-term unemployment rate have increased slightly the past year.


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