Why choose Hays?

Why choose Hays?

Working with Hays

We offer an educational and exciting career in the people industry. At Hays we believe that the right job can transform a person's life, and that the right person can transform a business. We strive to make a difference in peoples' lives - every single day. This is what motivates us to do our best.
Our employees work in a high-paced environment where results matter. We hire new colleagues based on potential, and provide the right conditions for success through training and coaching. We have a culture which rewards based on both team and personal effort, because we know that our people are our most valuable resource.

Become part of a world class recruitment team

As a recruitment consultant with Hays, you will be working closely with both clients and colleagues to understand the client's needs and be able to deliver a great recruitment service. By tending to existing relations while working on developing new client relationships, you will create the conditions for your own success.
On a normal day at the office you will actively look for both clients and candidates. You will introduce Hays to new business contacts and interview candidates for different assignments that you're working on. It's a demanding role, which requires you to be determined, decisive and high paced.
As a recruitment expert you will be focused on one of our business areas, where you will work towards becoming a specialist your self - and the best in your field. Often our employees have a professional or educational background in their specialism, but having a special interest can also be a point of departure in becoming a recruitment consultant in one of our business areas. Part of your work will consist of keeping up to date on market trends, your clients' needs and what motivates candidates in your area.

Our values


We exist because we believe in people. We believe that the right people in the right positions can change lives and businesses. We are passionate about creating connections between our candidates and clients. Through diligence, empathy and pride we can nurture the relations which secure our clients the right talent, and helps our candidates in the next step of their career.

The best way for us to show commitment to our clients and candidates is through our ambition. Their success is our success. We take bold steps, have high ambitions and work hard every day on delivering that positive impact a successful career can result in.

People come to us because we're experts with more than 50 years of experience in recruitment. We combine that insight with a thorough specialist knowledge, which makes it possible for us to place talent in an array of industries and sectors all over the country. Our professional expertise in invaluable, because it enables us to find, engage and place the right candidates in the right roles.

Besides understanding a candidate's competencies and experience, there's a real art to matching them with the right job opportunity. It demands us to be curious about people and the world of work, to seek knowledge and to be aware of the importance of ensuring the right cultural fit for a role.

We are always seeking new and better ways of creating and securing the perfect match between our clients and candidates. This requires us to be bold, agile and open to new ideas - whether this means new technology, employee development or changing our way of working. Our goal is simple: to be one step ahead when it comes to the recruitment experience of tomorrow.

In all things we do, we do it with the belief that we must do the right thing. Doing the right thing makes us better at our jobs and protects our reputation - something which builds trust with all of our stakeholders, including our candidates and clients. This unifies us and makes us stronger.

A career with Hays

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