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on December 25th

Three women, three working cultures, three perspectives on changing frame conditions of work.

Since the COVID pandemic, the majority of companies agree that the established separation of the office and private life needs a reset. For not only working time and location have to be renegotiated individually, but the previous work context and culture are also but to the test. Employees and employers alike are redefining the concept of compatibility and looking for a contemporary framework for the reality of work: What concepts are suitable to reconcile career and family? How can a high level of time availability at work go hand in hand with a private balance? And what skills are becoming increasingly important when it comes to reconcile culture of trust and a focus on results?

Find out how three women from the business sector, research and an international organisation deal with all of these apparent contradictions in their respective work models and what lessons they draw from this for the working world of tomorrow.

Participation is free of charge.

25.12.2021, 3.30 - 5 pm, via Go-To-Webinar.