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IT recruitment is our speciality

Despite being among the biggest recruitment companies in the world, Hays only recruits to a smaller number of industries. That means our IT recruitment consultants only work on finding the best IT specialist for our clients.

Our consultants are supported by our rich databases – Databases with candidates, as well as know-how spanning 33 countries and over 11.000 people all working with recruitment. This gives Hays a first-mover insight into what skills are most in demand.

Recruitment of IT specialists is not only a question about finding the candidate with the right technical skills, it is also a question of finding the right fit for the company culture. At Hays it is part of our DNA to always have focus on the person as well as the skills.

51 years’ experience with recruitment has made Hays on of the leading companies in the business and we place 1300 people in new jobs every day – IT recruitment being 23% of that.

Hays recruitment agency Denmark is in copenhagen but we recruit to all of Denmark (and the world).


Search for IT candidates and find a new employee in 5 min.


Why Hays?

Faster placement of candidate

With a global network of IT specialist, we can locate candidates faster

Active dialog with passive candidates

Hays keeps our network alive even when candidates are passive

Always recruitment of specialist

We know how important IT specialists can be for a company and therefore we only recruit experts 

Largest IT specialist database in Scandinavia

As one of the biggest global IT recruitment agencies we can draw on our extensive database

Screening and sorting of candidates

We do all sorting and screening of candidates before they are presented

Marketing of job post via partnerships

If your company wishes to increase the job posting, we partner with the biggest job portals in Denmark

Quality assurance during the entire process

Our sucess comes from a constant focus on upholding the quality we are known for


Permanent IT recruitment

Our perm-department is divided into sub-teams and here we have a group that deals exclusively in recruitment of IT personnel.

In this Department there is a large focus on understanding the company culture. A permanent position also means a permanent new face in the office and that is something our consultants are always keenly aware of.

This way there is always a focus on finding the correct match between the technical IT skills and the right personality.



Freelance IT consultant

Our contracting department is divided into sub-groups, where the handling of IT freelance consultants is a big part of it.
It is more and more common to be hired on a project-basis. Especially in IT this trend is evident.

- With more than 250.000 placements in freelance jobs a year we have plenty of experience. 

- We have more than 11.000 IT consultants in our network.

- Hays handles all the administrative work, so you can focus on getting the job solved. 

Through our global network we have exclusive partnerships with IT consultants and are often capable of finding a freelancer within 24 hours.


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