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Recruitment and advisory

Do you need employees, freelancers, complete workforce solutions or advisory regarding your workforce? 

We're more than just a recruitment agency. At Hays we operate within a range of specialist areas –including IT, Engineering, Life Sciences, Finance and Sales & Marketing – which allows a holistic and cross-disciplinary approach to your workforce planning and recruitment strategy. 


Well-planned and effective HR and recruitment processes are crucial for an organisation's ability to attract and retain the right employees. At Hays we specialise in great processes and attraction, and we're here to provide you with advice and fresh perspectives.

HR and recruitment processes are not just another task – they're an investment in your company's future:
  1. Quality assurance: Well-structured recruitment processes minimise the risk for expensive, failed hires. A thorough analysis of what type of employee you actually need (or if a freelancer may be a better choice), whether you have the right competencies in-house already, and on what basis you pick the right candidate, helps ensure you hire the right candidate. 
  2. Effectivity: If your recruitment process is well-documented, it's easier to hire effectively across the organisation. By having easy and clear steps to follow, all hiring managers can reduce the time-to-hire – and at the same time protect your employer brand, by having similar processes across departments (assuming they're good).
  3. Candidate experience: And talking about employer brand: The recruitment process, onboarding and offboarding are crucial for your employer brand. Even if a candidate is not offered the job, you create potential ambassadors for your brand. 

Seeking advice targeted your organisation?

Recruitment, the good process, employee satisfaction, attraction and retention are all subjects dear to us – and we invest a lot of time in creating knowledge and insight about them. We do yearly studies and surveys within our candidate database, so we're able to advise our customers and candidates.

But sometimes you need that knowledge and insight to be put into a context, which applies to your situation, organisation and industry.