Hays Executive Search -
Recruitment of managers and directors

Hays Executive are experts in recruitment of candidates for executive positions. We work together with international departments of Hays Executive and solve all kinds of executive assignments through our international database, across borders.

Hays Executive recruit both for the private and public sector all over the world and identify qualified senior leaders and directors. We address the need for inspired leadership in the public sector, finance, technology, communication, engineering and pharma through our departments and relations in Europe, Asia, North- and South America.

Our approach and ability to assess when we contact you with the right solution have given us a positive reputation about discreet and common sense – also to providing results for the people who put their career in our hands.

Recruiting leaders and managers

Our mission

Hays Executive mission is to solve the equation between finding the right person to strengthen an organization and find the right role for the most qualified.

We do this by building a strong, faithful relationship with leaders across different industries, together with the next generation that will eventually strengthen companies in the future. Our approach is to work in close relation with our clients and candidates, in order to secure the perfect match for both parties. This is how we ensure that our clients get exactly the candidates that they need, to have a competitive business and our candidates can find the right role, so their career can flourish.

Our global network of departments and experts worldwide, makes it possible for us to provide the best service to our customers across their own global network, while delivering local knowledge, insights and expertise to every assignment. Feel free to contact us, if you wish to hear more about our services in executive recruitment.