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Aalborg | Permanent employment with our customer
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My duties
  • Develop and evaluate process concepts to optimize Hydrofaction® oil production from various waste biomass including definition, execution, supervision, troubleshooting, data analysis, documentation and reporting of agreed experimental studies in the form of technical reports.
  • Development and maintenance of knowledge about Hydrofaction® oil production and feedstocks properties, including analytical methods and procedures for characterization of feedstocks, biocrude oil and other products related to Hydrofaction®;
  • Troubleshooting process unit issues, investigating incidents to determine root cause, reviewing operational procedures and develop them as required
  • Execute campaigns at the pilot scale, maintain detailed records and summarize learnings/recommendations for the team
  • Manage hazardous material inventory, operating procedures and campaign data.
  • Operate prototype and pilot equipment, including but not limited to: pumps, heat exchangers, continuously stirred tanks, demineralization setups, rota-evaporators and centrifuges
  • Interpret test campaign results and prepare technical reports with effective recommendations
  • Manage sample storage, labelling, and transportation protocols with a commitment to sample traceability and safe transport of hazardous materials 
  • Train junior team members in established procedures and protocols
  • Performs basic analytical testing with progressive learning of new test procedures and data interpretation.
My qualifications
  • 3 – 5 years’ experience within the chemical, process engineering field 
  • Masters or PhD in Chemical, Process or Petroleum engineer; (Chemical and process should be preferable)
  • Working experience in laboratory scale and/or pilot plants operation is a plus
  • Highly motivated, enthusiastic, results-oriented, and flexible individual
  • Ability to develop creative solutions
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English are required
  • Be a strong team player
  • Language: the person should speak English fluently (Danish is a plus)
My benefits
As Process Engineer in Aalborg, you will become part of Steeper Energy’s organization.You will be specifically tasked with developing and implementing Hydrofaction® process at the pilot-scale plant. You will work with a team to complete pilot campaigns in a safe and e client manner to support process technology development efforts. Our ideal candidate will be trusted to dive right in, pay great attention to detail and exhibit a high degree of ownership over the pilot equipment and processes, all to deliver high-quality results to progress the development of Steeper’s technology. Your main tasks will be to collect and analyses data and provide alterations to the process based on the collected data. Moreover, you will monitor the process, see what has happened, comparing it with earlier runs and understand what is changing and why it is changing in various conditions. Steeper’s Aalborg division is a unique facility focused on developing commercially viable processes for the utilization of organic waste materials into Hydrofaction® Oil that will be further converted to high- value ultra-low carbon fuels at our Advance Biofuels Centre located in Calgary, Canada.
My employer
Steeper Energy was created in 2011 based on the experience and vision of its two founders, Perry Toms, and Dr. Steen Iversen. Together Perry and Steen have five decades of experience in advanced science and business related to biowaste conversion technologies combined with utility experience in management and implementation of major projects. Over the years Steeper has grown where today it engages a team of scientists, engineers, and support staff advancing Steeper’s core technologies and supporting the build-out of commercial projects. Steeper has locations in both Denmark and Canada. Today, Steeper Energy are very close to the commercial phase. In brief, Steeper Energy’s goal and vision is the following:Breakthrough technology implementations are required to address climate change and human-driven environmental impacts. The two-pronged challenge of managing human-driven waste and reducing mankind’s carbon footprint can be directly addressed with Steeper’s technology portfolio. Steeper Energy has developed a proprietary version of hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) called Hydrofaction®. It converts biomass waste streams into renewable and sustainable biocrude oil. This in turn can be further refined into renewable fuels compatible with all types of reciprocating and turbine engines, and energy infrastructure currently in use today.
Salary details
  • To be discussed.
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