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We are specialist in recruiting medical doctors for the industry. Hays Represents large, mid-size and smaller companies in the industry and has in-depth experience in recruiting medical doctors in both commercial, medical and scientific roles.

We have great expertise in finding the right match between candidate and company. Whether you are newly qualified or have many years’ experience from a clinical environment or from the industry, we are available to advise you or answer any questions you may have.

Hays Life Sciences in Denmark offers a wide range of opportunities across divisions and sub-sectors such as Pharmaceuticals, Medical Technology, Biotechnology and Food & Nutrition. Our expertise spreads out to the following areas: Medical Affairs and Clinical Research, Market Access, Sales and Marketing, Quality Assurance as well as Regulatory Affairs.

If you are considering to pursue your career in this direction, please do not hesitate to contact the Danish Life Sciences team for a confidential and non-committal dialogue. Our specialists aim to ensure you achieve your career ambitions by providing you with market leading career advice and to keep you up-to-date with the latest industry developments and trends.

Please note that current open positions within Life Sciences are not always advertised openly on If you would like to submit your CV to us, please feel free to do so by clicking on “Send your CV” in the upper right corner.

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