Sales Assistant for VEGA (m/k/d)

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Copenhagen, Denmark, Carlsberg Byen, Winge Hus
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Om virksomheden

  • At VEGA, they take pride in our commitment to fostering a dynamic and supportive work environment. Their employees are at the heart of their success, and they value their contributions immensely. They believe in setting clear objectives and providing opportunities for growth, enabling their employees to achieve their best results. Furthermore, their customer-centric approach is powered by a dedicated team that listens to customer needs and goes the extra mile to meet them.

Dine opgaver

  • Process orders and provide precise quotations to clients.
  • Thoroughly review customer data to ensure correctness and completeness.
  • Monitor credit limits and payment terms for our valued customers.
  • Apply discounts and delivery conditions accurately, adhering to established procedures.
  • Conduct meticulous cross-checks of inventory data to maintain accuracy.
  • Enter essential relationship data for new customers to facilitate seamless transactions.
  • Support in the financial section
  • Keep a close eye on delivery deadlines, taking prompt action if any exceed expectations.
  • Maintain a well-organized and comprehensive record-keeping system.
  • Engage in telephone communication with customers to guarantee precise order processing and address any payment term concerns as needed.

Din profil

  • A result-oriented approach with a drive for exceeding objectives.
  • A customer-focus and the ability to investigate and meet customer needs.
  • A meticulous attention to detail, ensuring accuracy and completeness in tasks.
  • Possess strong organizational skills to manage data efficiently and systematically.

Dine fordele

  • VEGA employs over 2,100 people worldwide, 1,000 of whom work at its headquarters at Schiltach in the Black Forest. This is where, for more than 60 years now, solutions to demanding measuring tasks are being conceived and turned into reality: for chemical and pharmaceutical plants, food, and beverage manufacture, drinking water supply and sewage treatment plants, landfills, mining operations, power generation, oil platforms, recycling, shipping, and aerospace industries. Do you want to be a part of their journey?

Oplysninger om løn

  • To be determined

Om Hays

Oplev den moderne måde at rekruttere på inden for salg og marketing. Hos os får du den perfekte støtte til at sikre din professionelle succes – sammen med konsulenter specialiseret i din branche. Vores erfaring og knowhow giver os mulighed for at hjælpe dig individuelt med planlægningen af ??dine næste karrieretrin, fra valg af den rigtige stilling til din første dag på jobbet og videre. Tilmeld dig hos os og høst fordelene af interessante jobtilbud, der matcher dine kompetencer og erfaring – alt sammen helt gratis.

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Daniel Craig Triesler
Referencenummer : 718622/1
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